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Unmatched Safety Policies Among GTA Roofing Companies

While Trio Roofing also keeps a Health & Safety Representative on staff within the office, we have mandated a Safety Representative for each crew.

Trio’s in house Safety Advisor works closely with each and every crew to develop site specific safety requirements and implementation, in order to achieve a quality and safe work environment for our forces and the building’s occupents. Proving our commitment to a safe work environment though assessment, awareness, education and commitment to follow though.

View our Safety Policy Statement and Message from our President.

Assessed and Accredited by ContractorCheck

ContractorCheck is an independent third party pre-qualification Health & Safety Accreditation program for contractors.

ContractorCheck assesses and accredits roofing companies (and over 100 other trades) throughout Canada. Some of the biggest companies and corporations in the entire country depend upon their assessment and accreditation. Candidates undertake a comprehensive evaluation of their Health & Safety policies, procedures, training methods and insurance compliance. ContractorCheck works together with contractors to ensure that both legislative and client based requirements are met.

TRIO Roofing Systems has long demonstrated a strong commitment to these strict Health & Safety standards and has thus been assessed and accredited by ContractorCheck.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Certified

The AODA is not just about accessibility, it is about safety as well. Within the interpretation of the act the following quote is found “developing, implementing and enforcing accessibility standards in order to achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities with respect to goods, services, facilities, accommodation, employment, buildings, structures and premises…”. Without question the primary purpose of the act has many implications for our industry and its existence reflects our mandate to provide a safe environment for all when conducting day to day business and undertaking our public facing projects. TRIO is AODA Certified and committed to following all future updates (if any) to the act.

Customized Job Safety Analysis

TRIO Roofing’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and accompanying safety materials are customized for each project. No client is the same. No project is the same. No location is the same. TRIO’s safety standards recognize this fact and that is why our safety policies are the most stringent among GTA roofing companies. Periodic inspections/audits are completed by our in-house safety advisor and external safety consultant.

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    Safety is TRIO Roofing Systems’ #1 Priority