Brampton Roofers Services – Roof Rehabilitation

When it comes to roof replacement in the Greater Toronto Area TRIO Roofing Systems is sought after by businesses and organizations that cannot afford to have anything less than the best.

Roof Rehabilitation vs Roof Replacement

What’s the difference between roof rehabilitation and roof replacement? In essence, the necessity of roof rehabilitation arises from the same set of circumstances that lead to a roof replacement. However TRIO makes every effort to salvage and reuse as many of the materials on your existing roof as possible. When a significant amount of materials can be recovered and integrated back into the project, the job is then deemed a rehabilitation. When feasible, a TRIO roof rehabilitation will result in the same level of protection that you expect from an expert installation while increasing the life expectancy of your roof.

How to Determine Candidacy for a Roof Rehabilitation

Once it’s been determined that roof repairs and frequent maintenance are not practical from both a fiscal and safety perspective the next step is to determine if your roof is a candidate for roof rehabilitation. TRIO Roofing Systems will perform a complementary on-site inspection to determine whether or not salvage is an option and provide you with one of the most accurate roof rehabilitation estimates in the Greater Toronto Area.

It’s Business as Usual During a TRIO Roofing Systems Roof Rehabilitation

By referring to our GTA Roofing Portfolio for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential projects you will see that TRIO can perform your rehabilitation without disrupting the normal course of operations on your property.

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