Brampton Roofers Services – Emergency Roof Repair Service


Many of the problems that you face with respect to your roof arrive without anticipation. Leaks and other impeding damages frequently come as an unwelcoming surprise. Murphy’s Law states that they indeed arrive at the worst possible time. When this happens in the Greater Toronto Area there is only one place to turn to for help – TRIO Roofing Systems.

Emergency calls are a top priority at TRIO. Our Brampton office is prepared to take your calls 24/7. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to respond on the spot and help put your mind at ease as we put our experienced roofing service crew on the job. They will quickly identify the source of the leak and immediately execute the repairs necessary to halt the problem before further damage is sustained to your property. If a short term fix was implemented we will then send our expert analysts to provide a more comprehensive roofing assessment to ensure such a thing is avoided in the future.

TRIO’s Emergency Service is Renowned in the GTA Because of the Following:

  • Vastly experienced and expert response team
  • Emergency programs in place to account for various contingencies
  • Unparalleled quality-control, technical, and safety training
  • 24-hour emergency call-centre (416) 457-3387

For proactive questions regarding a roof assessment to see if your roof is at risk for emergency concerns please complete the form found on the right side column at the top of this page, or simply call TRIO Roofing Systems at 905-456-1688.

If you are in need of GTA emergency roof repair service call 416.457.3387.