Brampton Roofers Services – Green Roofing in the GTA


Green roofing is an extension of the eco-friendly roofing initiatives provided by TRIO, with a functional and aesthetically pleasing twist. By industry definition a green roof is installed when either a portion, or the entire roof, of a building is covered with lush vegetation and a medium for growing plantlife, all installed over waterproofing and root repelling membranes and drainage systems. While a green roof certainly improves the leveled and bird’s eye aesthetic of a building these “living roofs” also have functional benefits, detailed below.

Functional Benefits of Green Roofing

  • Rain water absorption – protecting the integrity of the roof.
  • Provides additional insulation in the fall/winter
  • Lowers urban air temperatures in the spring/summer – The “heat island effect” on buildings in the GTA summer months can cause the mean air temperature to sway significantly above that of its surroundings. In the evening this differential can vary by up to 12°C! Heat island effects can increase your building’s energy demands (thus costs), can cause air pollution, increase greenhouse gas emissions, and impact the health of those working in the area. Green roofing that incorporates solar reflective (SR) cool roofing systems directly reduce this concern.
  • Creates usable space – Depending upon the nature of the building, a green roof can be enjoyed by visitors, residents, and tenants alike. Many tech companies in recent time allow staff to toil away on their laptops on green roof spaces to noted increases in productivity.
  • One step closer to LEED Certification – Many developers and property managers have enjoyed eco-friendly industry accolades and achieved LEED Certification due to their green roof design.

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